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  • Blood Donor Bart Saves a Life
    Meet Snickers. This beautiful girl came to us at the beginning of October because her mom noticed a decreased appetite and lethargy. Dr. Theresa Tommell performed a thorough examination and diagnostic Read more
  • A Healthy Cat is a Happy Cat!
    “My cat is an indoor cat, do I really need to bring her in for a checkup every year?” Just Cats clients ask this every day, and the answer is YES! Read more
  • I Have a Kitten, Now What Do I Do?
    Tips to Get You Off On the Right Paw Before Bringing your Kitten Home Just like bringing home any new baby, there are certain things you want to do ahead of the Read more
  • Yes! Your Indoor Cat Needs Outdoor Pest Protection
    My cat sees the outdoors only through the window. So what’s the need for flea, tick and heartworm treatment? This is a question we’re asked frequently. Most people assume that Read more
  • Hairballs are Totally Normal, Right?
    Most cat owners think chasing their feline companion off the carpet while they are hacking a hairball is just part of life in owning a cat. However, hairballs can be Read more
  • For Cats Lilies are Attractive and Toxic
    Easter is coming and with it comes its most popular centerpiece – the Easter Lily. But cat lovers beware. Before you display a lovely lily bouquet or plant in your Read more
  • Groom your Kitties!
    Groom your Cats BEFORE Spring – for their comfort and yours! Imagine having a knot in your hair that is so tight it pulls when you walk or move. That can Read more
  • Have You Looked In Your Cat's Mouth Lately?
    February Is National Pet Dental Health Month. Just like with other members of your family, dental health is important to your cat’s overall health. Oral disease, if left untreated, can lead Read more
  • Celebrate the holidays safely with your cat
    December abounds with holiday celebrations, and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is reminding pet owners that nothing can spoil good cheer like an emergency visit to a veterinary clinic Read more
  • Behavior Problems: Addressing Aggression & Inappropriate Elimination in Cats
    Dr. Denise Petersen held one of our seminars on feline behavior problems this month, and we had quite a few clients attending whose kitties are peeing outside the litterbox, being Read more
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    Stay connected to keep up to date with Just Cats Veterinary Clinic We are thrilled with our new social media pages and the opportunity it affords us to communicate better with Read more